We develop relationships with small-scale, grassroots initiatives where your support can make a big difference.

We have built partnerships in a number of African countries, including Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. You can read more about our partnerships below.

Our partnerships tend to be characterised by the following:

  • Grassroots: initiatives that are locally-led and are meeting local needs
  • Small-scale: initiatives that may struggle to access funding from larger groups
  • Personal: initiatives where there’s a personal connection (often that comes via one of management team, or one of our supporters)
  • Ongoing: initiatives where there is scope to build an ongoing relationship
  • Christian: initiatives that have a Christian ethos and motivation

We work hard to maintain regular communication with our partners, visiting them as often as we can (not at JMT’s expense!) and ensuring good reporting about how money is spent and how progress is being made.

We provide the opportunity for those in the UK to support and follow Christian projects in Africa that are making a positive impact for local communities.