We rely completely on the generosity and commitment of individuals to support JMT and its projects. We are hugely grateful to all those who are able to support us financially to any degree. Given our focus on small-scale, local projects primarily in Africa, the impact of any donations is very significant, and with very low overhead costs, the vast majority of all our funds raised go to the projects that we support.

DONATE: If you would like to make a donation now, then: please click HERE to be directed to our Just Giving page

REGULAR: If you would like to set-up a regular donation to JMT, which helps give us visibility in order to commit to our projects, then please do email us on info@jenniemarshtrust.org and we will provide you with our bank details and Gift Aid forms.

To give you some examples:
£10: cost per child to provide daily morning milk at school for one of our 50 primary school orphans at Ibanda Integrated Primary, Uganda
£30: equivalent cost from JMT’s support for each of the 80 children worked with under Arise’s Literacy Programme
£45: cost of annual school costs for each of 100 children fully supported at the Kitgum Primary School in Northern Uganda
£70: one term’s school fees (and all supported) for one of our 30 secondary school students in Ibanda
£100: termly cost for supporting a nursery school teacher at the Khayelitsha Christian Academy in South Africa