Challenging times in rural Uganda

Posted on Aug 4, 2020 in General News, Project News
Challenging times in rural Uganda

In the past month, we heard from Olive, who leads the Orphan Education Programme in Ibanda. Olive reported that life had not been easy for those living in rural Uganda, commenting:

“People have had to adjust to a new routine of staying at home, no work, no earnings and no movement with no notice.”

Olive described the feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and insecurity as a result of increased crime, particularly domestic violence against women and children. To combat these serious concerns, Olive is working with community leaders to share resources which include; food, shelter for victims and offers of counselling. In addition, recognising the limited handwashing facilities available to most families, the School have organised to provide soap and masks to help reduce infection rates.

Teachers have been spending their time reaching out to their students, preparing home learning materials, providing counselling and reassuring them of their continued support. Alongside supporting their students, Olive has also been making sure that the elderly and vulnerable families in the community are protected by assigning family/community members to provide support. She writes;

“Due to people staying at home and having zero income, a lot of families are struggling for food, we have been able to provide maize, matooke and beans.”

It is always humbling to hear the amazing work Olive is doing. She writes of her gratitude for the help JMT and our supporters are providing, she is praying for us as we are for her and all those families in Ibanda.