Making a difference in Kenya

Posted on Apr 10, 2018 in General News, Project News
Making a difference in Kenya

For many years, JMT has worked with the Centre for Urban Mission (CUM) in Nairobi. CUM provides training and resources for churches in the city’s informal settlements and poorer areas. In 2009, JMT helped CUM launch a programme to improve ministry to the many children who live in these areas. Through your generosity, we continue to support the programme.

Last February, 25 children’s workers graduated from the programme. One of those was Ben Bukachi, a children’s worker from Githurai, an estate in the north-east of the city.

“Teaching children in church can be a very demanding profession,” he says. “Sometimes you find children disrupting the lessons, or they seem uninterested.”

But Ben says that the training that he received through the Centre for Urban Mission has transformed him, giving him valuable new skills and helping him to keep his lessons interesting. “My approach to [children’s] ministry has improved and the children have developed a positive attitude towards Sunday school,” he explains.

‘Sunday school has become the children’s church’

He also says that the training that he received has had a knock-on effect, bringing more children to hear about Jesus:  “In our church the Sunday school has now become the children’s church and more [children’s] classes have been introduced due to the increased numbers of children who come to the church”.

An exciting development sprang from the desire of those graduating to continnue to support one another. The group created a Children’s Workers’ Fellowship, which meets monthly for mutual encouragement, help and sharing of ideas.

Practical benefits of these new relationships are already evident.In April 2017, the Children’s Workers’ Fellowship organised a holiday Bible club in Githurai duing the Easter holidays, in which 250 children were involved. Activities included Bible teaching, Bible challenges, singing and dancing. Children were also served hot meals. The network of children’s workers meant that resources could be deployed effectively.

Thank you for your support which makes such a difference to leaders like Ben, and the children that they teach.Please pray fhat the new network of children’s workers would grow and be used powerfully in God’s service.

‘God has protected us’

Please also pray for the safety of all those involved in CUM’s programmes. CUM’s Director, Nancy Njagi, explains some of the challenges staff and others can face:

“The likelihood of encountering thugs in the slums during the evenings is very high and yet we are happy to report that none of our staff and guests were robbed or injured during [the course of their work]….

“…Through our interactions with vulnerable persons in the various slum communities, God again has protected us. We have visited hospitals and homes of persons with infectious ailments such as drug resistant tuberculosis and none of us have been infected. The stories of how God continues to protect us are endless.

“…[It] is evident that God has been gracious to the staff at the Centre and we are confident that He will continue taking care of each one of us. It is also clear to us that our care for the poor and the needy in our society is not in vain-it touches the heart of God.”