Changing lives in Uganda

Posted on Mar 20, 2018 in General News, Project News
Changing lives in Uganda

As well as our work in northern Uganda, JMT is also active in the south-west of the country, working with our partners at the Orphan Care Programme in Ibanda to provide children with access to education.

We continue to support around 50 children through primary school, and a further 30 through secondary school. At primary school level, our support is mainly focused on providing food, books and uniforms, whilst at secondary school level it includes help with fees and accommodation. Our partners work to enable children to benefit from Christian-based education in the area.

‘Long-term fruit from our partnership’

Your support has enabled JMT to be actively involved for many years, and it is very encouraging to see long-term fruit from our partnership, with young people whom we have supported throughout their education, now better equipped to serve their communities and support others.

We recently received details of several individuals whom JMT has supported, including Mwesigye Godfrey, who achieved a first class  Bachelor of Social Sciences degree,  Katundu Redmond, who achieved a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication degree, two others who have achieved qualifications in mechanics and driving, another who has gained qualifications in agriculture and agribusiness, and several who have become teachers.

Thank you for helping to make all this possible!